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Veloped & Walker — Made for Walking

Welcome to Trionic - Your supplier of high-quality and unique mobility aids. Our Swedish rollators and walkers promote your mobility, your health and your enjoyment of the outdoors. At Trionic you'll find rollators and wheeled walkers with pneumatic tires, hub brakes and patented solutions like the Trionic Climbing Wheel and the Trionic Syncro Steering.

Our offer:

  • The Trionic Veloped is in fact the only true off-road walker on the market, and it's your modern alternative to a rollator.
  • The Trionic Walker is the new premium class among rollators, and it offers you a great outdoor performance and a very high comfort level.

We want you to enjoy the best product experience in the market of our field; the ultimate mobility aids for urban and outdoor areas.

We Pursue Our Wild Ideas.

Product Reviews  

  • Rating:

    Freedom at last.

    My wife had major back surgery and we had a fairly nice walker for her to use before and after the surgery. It is nothing compared to the Trionic we purchased. The engineering and craftsmanship are su...

  • Rating:

    The Veloped Has Changed My Life - Yippee!

    My bicycle accident, four years ago, left me with such poor balance, that I struggled to walk with a stick. In fact, I found myself very reluctant to walk even short distances. There is the standard r...

  • Rating:

    New lease of life

    I am 84, and have a crooked spine as a result of a motor accident five years ago, which means that it is painful for me to hold myself upright. I had not been able to take my daily walk for the last f...

  • Rating:

    My Trionic "Fishing Ghillie" keeps me fishing [and walking].

    I am aged 84 with bad legs and balance;a passionate salmon fly fisherman.This year my balance is so bad that I can't fish in the normal way[standing up in a rocky river] without falling in !However my...

  • Rating:

    Peter Hedley. U K greatest fan.

    I have been a fan of Trionic Veloped for several years. I played too much football and squash as a young man and now have replacement knees and a right hip. The Veloped has given me great mobility by ...

  • Rating:


    It is a great companion that I was allowed to test for 14 days. I can only recommend it to everyone; you can overcome all obstacles with it. I am vision-impaired and because of that I move very uncert...

  • Rating:

    A whole new quality of life for my husband with Parkinson's disease

    Last week my husband asked me for a rollator that he had otherwise strictly rejected. On the Internet I quickly came across the company Trionic. The communication with Mr. Kindberg via chat and phone ...

  • Rating:

    Field report after one year of use

    The advert and description in the brochure is 100% true. Nothing is exaggerated. Disadvantageous or not optimal are the tyres. The air escapes too fast. A severely handicapped person will then usually...

  • Rating:


    I'm over the moon with my Trionic Veloped Trek 14er! I have various health problems which impact my life in many ways. I'm still reasonably young at 38, and still lead as active a lifestyle as possibl...